Future of Sutures

The search for the surgical wound closures of tomorrow
100 years ago, B. Braun introduced the first-ever industrially manufactured sterile surgical sutures – and since then, we have enjoyed an exceptional success story, based on the intensive exchange of expertise and experience between representatives of medical research, medical training, medical practice, and industry
suturesWe would like to invite you to share your ideas with us. We invite you to push back the boundaries of the possible, to develop pioneering solutions for surgical wound closure, and to leverage your scientific, technical and creative skills to the full – by taking part in The Future of Sutures competition.
Progress is about diversity, and that is the philosophy behind this competition. We welcome innovative and progressive proposals for sutures and wound closure from all perspectives and fields. We will be awarding prizes for the best ideas across three broad themes: Natural science and technology; medicine and usability; form and function. These are just suggested themes, intended only as a guide to the proposals you may wish to submit.