A century of excellence

In 2008 B. Braun celebrated a century of industrially manufactured sterile sutures. This important anniversary renewed our desire to contribute to the advancement of modern surgery – by continuing into the 21st century our tradition of developing pioneering products and offering a wide range of opportunities for acquiring new skills.


Moreover, to give fresh impetus to innovation in this field, we were staging an international competition:

The Future of Sutures. Thiswas designed to create a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on surgical wound-closure techniques – and to find and foster new perspectives in this key area of surgery.

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A century ago, B. Braun, founded in 1839, joined forces with surgeon Dr. Franz Kuhn to develop the first-ever industrial method of manufacturing sterile catgut. This enabled the large-scale production of sterile sutures – without compromising on quality. And this makes 1908 a landmark in the history of wound closure and surgery.

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A century of excellence

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